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This month’s newsletter focuses on the Governments disappointing decision to axe responsible lending laws, contrary to the very first recommendation of the Banking Royal Commission.

CCLSWA joined fellow consumer advocates and members of the public in signing an open letter to parliamentarians as part of the ‘Save Safe Lending’ campaign. We urge everyone to read and sign the letter. You can find the link to the letter in the newsletter.

We note that there has been fantastic coverage of the campaign by traditional print, radio and television media. We also saw the open letter spread through social media with #debtdisater trending on Twitter.

We have had a busy month visiting politicians and were happy to gain support from the ALP in the fight to block the plan to remove responsible lending laws.

In other news, we took part in the Consumers Federation of Australia event and were pleased to be nominated for an award for our Consumer Protection WA project. Among so many fantastic presentations, we were honoured to receive an honorary mention.

Please note that we will be closed from 5pm Friday 18th December and will re-open Monday 11th January 2021.

CCLSWA wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday.

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