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Priority Assistance from Telecommunications Provider:

Who may qualify for priority assistance?

Customers who have a life threatening medical condition, such as anaphylaxis or severe asthma, may be entitled to receive priority assistance status from their landline provider.

What is priority assistance?

Priority assistance is designed to maximise telephone continuity to ensure eligible customers always have access to emergency medical services. This means that priority assistance customers can have their landline service connected and repaired faster than other customers. Connections and repairs should occur within 24 hours (for urban or rural areas) or within 48 hours (for remote areas).  If these maximum times are not able to be met, the telecommunications provider is responsible to ensure an alternative is available to the customer.

Which service providers offer priority assistance?

Telstra is currently the only landline service provider that is required to offer priority assistance services. However, other service providers may elect to do so. If a service provider does offer priority assistance services, customers must be told at the point of sale.

Seeking redress

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) accepts complaints from priority assistance customers who have been unable to resolve a complaint directly with their service provider. Customers may contact the TIO by calling 1800 062 058.

If you think you are eligible for priority assistance make sure you contact your Telco provider.



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