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Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm


CCLSWA offers interactive workshops to community legal centres, financial counsellors, community groups, and community worker organisations in Western Australia.

These workshops discuss important topics associated with the National Consumer Credit Law and Australian Consumer Law and how they can be applied in the community. We aim at tailoring each workshop to the specific target audience and hope to engage its members by offering valuable advice that can be applied to their work or personal lives.

Topics we primarily present on include:

  • Loan contracts including home loans; car loans; credit cards and payday loans
  • Responsible lending obligations of credit providers
  • Guaranteeing a loan
  • Situations of hardship
  • Unsolicited Consumer Agreements

We are flexible in our presentation topics so if there is a specific request please do not hesitate to ask.

If your organisation is interested in receiving further information about our community legal education program please contact us on (08) 6336 7020.

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