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In June, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) filed allegations in the Federal Court that supermarket giant Coles  has promoted the sale of its baked products in way that may ‘mislead or deceive’ the public. The ACCC has alleged that the gourmet bread Coles claimed was ‘baked today’ is actually made in Ireland. The ACCC also alleged that products sold in 2012 labelled as “freshly baked in-store”, “baked today, sold today” and “Coles bakery” were actually par-baked (partially baked).

In its response, Coles admitted the packaging had those words, but stated that the loaves advertised as “baked today, sold today” also included the words “Made in Ireland”. It also stated the label “freshly baked in-store” on such products had ceased from August. Coles has claimed its par-baked products are baked to a point at a location outside an in-store bakery and “blast frozen”, before being transported to those supermarkets and put in an oven.

The case will be in court next month.



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