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On 25 May 2016 CCLSWA Principal Solicitor Faith Cheok and volunteer paralegal, law graduate Mitchell Coles, delivered CCLSWA’s first webinar for the Financial Counsellors’ Association of WA.

The webinar was a highly informative step-by-step webinar to show financial counsellors the best ways to navigate CCLSWA’s website. Mitchell went through CCLSWA’s areas of practice areas (ADVICE tab), the videos and the fact sheets and guides (RESOURCES tab).

Mitchell also used problem questions and short quizzes to allow the financial counsellors to test their knowledge of CCLSWA’s website material.

CCLSWA appreciates the opportunity to work with FCAWA and financial counsellors. CCLSWA believes financial counsellors represent the ‘eyes and ears’ of community lawyers and regulators, as financial counsellors are often the first to witness predatory and systemic lending practices.


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