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On the 8th of December 2016 Consumer Protection’s Aboriginal Community Education Officers Teena Forrest-Benavides and Merinda Wills visited CCLSWA. Teena and Merinda work with Aboriginal communities to help protect their consumer rights.

They spoke with Principal Solicitor Gemma Mitchell and Centre Manager Charles Brown about the program which helps Aboriginal Western Australians understand their consumer rights and responsibilities so that they can rent, hire or buy goods and services with confidence. In working towards this goal, Consumer Protection recently launched a campaign targeting door to door selling, titled “It’s OKAY to walk away”.

Teena and Merinda highlighted the need for Aboriginal consumers in urban, regional and remote areas to be empowered to resist high-pressure sales tactics. This is particularly important because salespeople have been known to target Aboriginal consumers who may be disadvantaged by their geographical isolation, lack of choice and competition, poor English or lack of financial literacy.

It is Teena and Merinda’s hope that this campaign ensures that Aboriginal consumers do not fall victim to high pressure sales tactics by signing consumer contracts or making purchases they may later regret.

For more information on the “It’s OKAY to walk away” campaign see the Facebook page.

20170309 IMG Consumer Protection Visit CCLSWA

Photo L-R: Teena Forrest-Benavides, Merinda Wills, Gemma Mitchell, Charles Brown.


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