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As we approach another federal budget, speculation about a ‘horror budget’ that will hit the hip-pocket abounds. Those in the upper middle income group are bracing for a tax increase.

In this context, Ross Gittens from the Sydney Morning Herald reminds readers of the people who are truly doing it tough in our society.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 in 5 Australians suffered financial stress in 2010. A report for the Salvation Army by Dr Nicola Brackertz, of Swinburne University, Victoria highlights the plight of those most affected by financial stress. They are primarily those on government pensions. The rising cost of rental properties has hit this group of Australians the hardest, with most either renting private or public housing. The high cost of utilities and food also means that people are struggling to pay basic utility and telephone bills. The ever increasing rental and utilities costs eat into any disposable income.

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