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In late 2016, CCLSWA was pleased to partner with the Cooperative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED). CEED gives an opportunity for students to participate in various industry research projects. CCLSWA was one of the first pro bono organisations to partner with CEED.

Through CEED, UWA law student, Jessica Vu, was engaged by CCLSWA to undertake a project on the implications of domestic and family violence. Jessica recently completed her project. You can read the results of Jessica’s research here.


Norton Rose Fullbright Vacation Clerk, Karri Coles and CCLSWA volunteer paralegals Lawrence Page, Jessica Vu and Milica Jankovic.

CCLSWA Social Media Launch: (L-R) – Norton Rose Fullbright Vacation Clerk, Karri Coles and Lawrence Page, CEED Student Jessica Vu and Milica Jankovic 

We look forward to continuing the work started by Jessica and to raise awareness of the consumer credit impacts of family violence.

We thank the staff of CEED and the UWA Law School for their support, in particular Professor Jeremy Leggoe, Amanda Bolt and Aviva Freilich.

We also wish Jessica the best, as she travels to New York to undertake an internship through the McCusker Centre for Citizenship.

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