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Consumer Credit Legal Service WA Inc. is a member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) and Community Legal Centres Association (WA). At CCLSWA we work in conjunction with a network of Community Legal Centres to provide legal services to the community.

NACLC is the peak national organisation representing Community Legal Centres in Australia. Its members are the state and territory CLC associations, such as the Community Legal Centres Association (WA), that represent 180 centres like CCLSWA Inc. in various metropolitan, regional, rural and remote locations across Australia.

NACLC has conducted an annual survey of the CLC sector in consultation with the state and territory CLC associations. The Census is an important tool to collection information about the clients, services, works and priorities of CLCs.






As CCLSWA is a member of these associations the 2016 Census shows how the work we do at CCLSWA compares to other CLCs across Australia.

A snap shot of 2016 Community Legal Centres

Here at CCLSWA Inc. the nature of our work informs the statistics gathered specifically relating to the identity of clients, who CLC’s work in partnership with, the number and nature of clients that have to be turned away from services, the work of volunteers and pro bono partners, the work of policy, advocacy and law reform, as well as outreach programs of CLCs.









The statistics will also help us to make sure that we are providing legal services to the community in the most effective way possible as an organisation and as a national network of CLCs.

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