Case Study: Guarantees


A migrant client had several vulnerabilities, including illiteracy, recent bereavement due to the loss of a spouse, severe depression and over-dependence on their new partner. Using their own family home as security, the client signed a guarantee in order to allow their partner to borrow money for a new business venture. The business failed and the client very nearly lost their home. Over more than 12 months, CCLSWA advocated for the client, negotiating tirelessly with the bank. Finally, the bank released the client from liability and the home was saved. Thus the client and their two children avoided homelessness.


An elderly client with a learning disability was financially abused by a relative and coaxed into signing up for a car loan and other credit contracts, all solely for the relative’s benefit. CCLSWA successfully negotiated for the waiver of all debts and the elderly client avoided financial ruin.


Michael Duncan