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The conduct of creditors and all debt collectors is regulated by the Debt Collection Guideline. Under this Guideline, creditors and debt collectors cannot do certain things when pursuing payment of a debt. For more information on what debt collectors can and cannot do, read our Debt Collection Issues and Complaints Fact Sheet.

To create your own letter to complain about your creditor or debt collector, you can either:

  1. Download our sample letter and use it as a template or guide to write your own letter; or
  2. Fill in your details using the online form. After you submit your details into this form, a customised letter will be automatically generated and emailed to you for you to send to your creditor.

Click here for our sample letter.

To generate your own letter to send to your creditor with a complaint about debt collection, fill in the details below and you will be emailed a letter for you to email or fax to your creditor. If you do not receive the letter within 1 business day, please contact us the following day on (08) 9221 7066 for assistance. Please check your “Junk” and “Deleted” folders before contacting us.

A copy of your letter will sent to us and we will store your personal and sensitive information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

Letter of Complaint to Debt Collector

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Write the details of your complaint here. Include as much detail as you can. Include dates, times and names of people involved, where possible, and refer specifically to conduct of the debt collector that breaches the Debt Collection Guidelines. For example, "[x] called me at 9:30pm on Tuesday and 8am on Saturday" or "[x] contact me 4 times from 1 May to 6 May."
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