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To create your own letter, you can either:

  1. Download our sample letter and use it as a template or guide to write your own letter; or
  2. Fill in your details using the online form. After you submit your details into this form, a customised letter will be automatically generated and emailed to you for you to send to your creditor.

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Hardship Variation Letter

DD slash MM slash YYYY
You can find out your creditor’s address by searching their details on the Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Briefly explain your circumstances before you experienced financial hardship. For example, “I was employed as a carpenter full time earning $3,500 per month”.
Write the date or month and the year that your circumstances described in the previous question changed. For example “10 May 2016”.
Briefly explain the change in your circumstances that led to your financial hardship. For example, “I lost my job” or “I had to stop working to care for mother who was diagnosed with dementia”.
Explain why you believe that your financial hardship is temporary. This is an important piece of information when your creditor considers whether to grant your request to vary the loan contract. For example, “I am actively looking for work and now receive Centrelink benefits” or “I am in discussions with aged care facilities and I am applying on behalf of my mother for financial assistance from the government so that my mother can be cared for in an aged care home”.
Write the time period that you would like your repayments to be postponed. For example, if your contract requires you to make repayments monthly and you would like to request that your next repayment be postponed a few months, write “3 months” or “2 months”.
Write the period of time that you would like your repayments extended. For example, if your repayments are currently fortnightly, and you wish to ask that your repayments be monthly, write “monthly”.
Write the amount that you would like your repayments reduced to. For example, if your minimum repayment is $300 for the month, you could request this be reduced to $150 or “75”.
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