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Rowan Kelly has been a Senior Solicitor at CCLSWA since 2021.  Rowan holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce having studied at Murdoch University.  Rowan joined the community legal sector in 2017 and is coming up to 30 years practice as a solicitor. Core to Rowan’s decision to join the community legal sector was the desire to give back to and serve the community. Working at CCLS, Rowan has provided vulnerable people with understanding, navigating and working through complex legal issues.  His main interest is in areas such as scams, where there is little regulatory protection or oversight. Rowan is keen to ensure the community legal sector is a voice for change to provide better protections to people experiencing vulnerability and who are often subject to exploitation. As part of this, prior to his time at CCLS Rowan undertook a year-long law reform project funded by the State Government which involved looking at how to better protect insecure workers. It formed a springboard for making detailed submissions associated with wage theft, which was influential in changes to the law.

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