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CCLS welcomed the opportunity to provide input on the Review of Australia’s Credit Reporting Framework. The Financial Rights Legal Centre has drafted this joint consumer submission with input
and endorsement from:
• Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
• Care (Consumer Law Program, ACT)
• Consumer Action Law Centre
• Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) Inc.
• Consumer Policy Research Centre
• Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)
• Mob Strong Debt Help
• Mortgage Stress Victoria
• Public Interest Advocacy Centre- Energy and Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program
• Redfern Legal Centre

The review uncovered that the Australian credit reporting framework requires revision to better suit current technological, economic, and cultural contexts, align with consumer expectations, and enhance accessibility. Recommendations made within this review include stricter regulatory oversight, consumer-centric reforms such as real-time notifications for missed payments, and improved dispute resolution. There’s also a call to restrict default listings and limit credit reporting expansion to other industries.

To read a copy of the submission, click here.

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