b'VOLUNTEER QUOTES FROM SURVEYS Passion We are passionate about being informed as an Quality organisation. Over the year we liaised with government and industry to represent consumers with the following I would definitely encourage my peers activities:to volunteer at CCLSWA as it has been aConferences, Events & Law Reform Project Volunteer Impact Survey: positive experience for meAll current volunteers were surveyedThe work of all CLCs is incredibly valuable STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Gemma is a member of the followingregarding their experience volunteering withto the community and from my time at116different significant stakeholdergroups representing WA: CCLSWA.100% agreed or strongly agreed thatCCLSWA I can see the huge impact itengagement events. We have made a massive effortAustralian Banking Association Consumertheir experience has been positive! makes on so many community Outcomes Groupmembers lives. to travel all over the world to represent our great state on a number of boards Executive member Consumers Federation ofBeing given the opportunity to deal AustraliaI believe thatAGREE directly with clients and complete and committees. my time at27 % STRONGLYthe entire client process has been HIGHLIGHTS Board member Community Legal CentresCCLSWA hasAGREE extremely valuable. Association of WAenhanced63 NACLC Conference Consumer Advisory Committee of WA%my careerCredit Law Conference prospects. STAFF QUOTES FROM SURVEYS Financial Counselling Conference WA Consumer Advocacy and RegulatoryAgencies NetworkThe Consumers International Summit The training we have received this yearin PortugalEconomic Regulation Authority Consumer Consultative Committeehas meant that I have a better CCLSWAAGREE Australian Financial Complaints Authorityprovided me19 % understanding of myself and otherConsumer Advisory Panelwith strongSTRONGLYpeoples personalities and helps with stressopportunitiesAGREE and work load management. to increase81 % I always find the involvement of all staffROYAL COMMISSIONpractical legal skills. and board in strategic planning veryWe contributed a total of four submissions to engagingeveryones input is acceptedthe Royal Commission. We were delighted to be as valuable and that makes for a veryinvited to Canberra, as part of a small selected group of advocates, to take part in the lock-up. engaged and inclusive workplace.This was a unique opportunity to see the final Staff Impact Survey: report before it was released to the public. We It is a pleasure to come to work and bewere very proud to see our submissions were All current staff were also surveyed regardingpart of this inspiring team. referenced four times in the final report.their experience working at CCLSWA.I believe my workAGREEis aligned with19 % I feel valued in my role. LAW REFORMPushing for buyers to have a cooling off right when they buy a car.and contributesSTRONGLYOur law reform project to the vision,AGREE STRONGLY100 began in October 2018. Examining and recommending ways to make the dispute resolution process easier mission 81 % % The 12-month lawand clearer for residents of retirement villages. and values ofAGREE reform project focusesLooking at predatory debt management businesses that prey on consumers CCLSWA. on 4 areas that affectdesperation. our WA community: Looking at peoples rights when they buy defective goods. 6 CCLSWA Annual Report 2019CCLSWA Annual Report 2019 7'