b'Who we are At a glance An introduction from our Manager and CCLSWA is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which provides legal advice and representationAdvicesReferralsTurnawaysBoard Chairto consumers in WA in the areas of banking and689 3100 1269finance, and consumer law.Gemma Mitchell the CCLSWA Managing SolicitorIn March on World Consumer Rights Day, we ran & Liz McCoy the CCLSWA Board Chair areour new and unique CCLSWA Supporters event. Over Core Services A turnaway is any person we were unable todelighted to present this years Annual Report.one hundred of our closest supporters joined us to assist within the needed timeframe or becauseTo empower people to resolve their ownof a lack of resources. It has been an historic time for our sector. Thecelebrate our success and discuss how they could disputes with banks, financial institutions andRoyal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking,better collaborate with us, to help us achieve commercial enterprises through a telephoneSuperannuation and Financial Services Industryour vision and mission. This resulted in a number of advice line; has consistently made our sector front pagehelpful connections. To advocate for people in their disputes with139 70 news. Not a day went by without a new horrorWe committed this year to empowering our staff banks, financial institutions, and commercialstory emerging. This level of public awareness enterprises; has influenced every part of our organisation. Theteam and invested in a series of training programs. Cases Cases These programs trained staff to work together asTo educate people about banking, finance,opened closed recognition of the poor conduct of the banks ineffectively as possible and have led to a highly and consumer law; a national arena has validated and cementedengaged team, who love coming to work, and relate what we have seen and heard for many years. WeTo improve the commercial marketplace forwelcomed the final report, and will continue toto one another with kindness and respect. the benefit of the community. Of those 70 that are closed we can report onadvocate for the recommendations to be enacted.We are committed to steering CCLSWA based on the priority clients. our outcomes measurements, and are delighted to We are also incredibly proud that our excellentshare some of these with you in this report.work, including our submissions to the RoyalWe strive for excellence in all that we do and Commission, has seen CCLSWA recognisedcollaborate wherever possible. Staff, board members as the voice for WA on banking and consumerand some key stakeholders met in June to refresh issues. Our commitment to expertise in our field,the Strategic Plan. This approach to planning ensures 100%were 20%were and our exceptional workplace culture, have beenall staff and board share the same understanding, experiencing financial over 65 (14) driving forces behind our success this year. responsibility and passion for the work we do, and disadvantage (70) work together towards our mission and vision.11,036We have been invited to participate in aThe Board has continued from strength to number of national committees. The most unique visits significant of these being the Australian Bankingstrength and excellent governance has continued to Association Consumer Outcomes Group andattract new members. This year we welcomed Laurence to websiteColeman, Edward Souti, and Claire Whitelaw-Brown.the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Consumer Advisory Panel. Gemma is also part ofOur most heartfelt thanks go to the staff, board and 13%main language9%needed a translator the Executive team of the Consumers Federationthe volunteer team for their commitment and passion they spoke at home wasas the main language of Australia, a highlight of the year was beingto the work we do at to CCLSWA. We are looking not English (9) they spoke at home invited to Portugal with them for the Consumersforward to continuing our growth with you, and was not English (6)9625International Summit.serving our community in the best possible way.downloads OUR STAFF TEAM 2018/2019 Managing Solicitor: Gemma Mitchell, Office Manager & Community Education: Allison Sampson, Senior Solicitor: Roberta Grealish. Solicitors:FINALIST Georgina Molloy, Prachi Aggarwal, Sara Pearson, Georgia Turco, David Ryan. Linda Thipthorp in the& Nadia-Rose Agnello (maternity cover for Sara this year). Law Reform Project SeniorAttorney General Solicitor Faith Cheok and Paralegal: Storm Viall Legal Administration 1 FTE positionLAW covered over the year period by: Andrew Shinnick, Ben Cochrane & Enisa Nurkovic. 21%had a disability or Book Keeper: Dawn Emmanuel.Current Board:Liz McCoy, Bev Jowle Treasurer, RachaelAWARDSmental illness (15) Doraisamy Secretary, Tony Evans, Edward Souti, Laurence Coleman, Sigourney Drane,Claire Whitelaw-Brown.2 CCLSWA Annual Report 2019CCLSWA Annual Report 2019 3'