CCLSWA Supporters

CCLSWA Supporters Launch

CCLSWA is proud to launch CCLSWA Supporters on World Consumer Rights day.
As a CCLSWA Supporter there are several options for you to explore. There is a survey under the options for you to register your interests


How would you like to support our work?

Pro Bono Advice

I would like to provide CCLSWA with a pro bono opinion on a complex case or on an area of law that falls outside of CCLSWA's scope of work.

Be an advocate for law reform

I would like to contribute towards, or endorse, a law reform submission or campaign.

Provide training or coaching

I would like to provide CCLSWA with pro bono or discounted training, in an area in which I specialise.

Host CCLSWA training & events

I would like to provide rooms and facilities to enable CCLSWA to run its own training and events.

Online access

I would like to provide CCLSWA with pro bono or discounted searches for organisations such as ASIC and Landgate

Recruitment: Volunteers, Staff & Board

I would like to be notified whenever CCLSWA is recruiting for volunteers, staff or Board members so that I can share the opportunity with my networks.

Make a financial contribution

I would like to be asked to make a financial contribution or be involved in a fundraising activity

Follow CCLSWA on social media

I would like to follow CCLSWA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and would be happy to be tagged in posts; and to like, share, and repost CCLSWA's posts.


I propose to support CCLSWA by, other means, please detail below

Newsletter Sign up

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Pledge Survey

Make your pledge as a CCLSWA Supporter and complete our survey to identify your area of interest