Objectives of CCLSWA

CCLSWA is committed:

  • to provide legal advice and assistance to, and advocacy on behalf of, people with issues arising out of their credit and debt related problems.
  • to involve members of the public, in the recognition, understanding and solution of their legal and related problems in the area of credit and debts.
  • to provide a resource for financial counsellors and others working with people on low incomes to resolve their credit related problems.
  • to promote the rights of consumers of credit.
  • to promote community education programmes in matters relating to credit and debt law and the legal system.
  • to undertake research with a view to ascertaining the needs of the community for legal assistance in the area of credit and debts and of the most effective means of meeting those needs.
  • to liaise and cooperate with governmental and non-governmental bodies and agencies concerned with the delivery of credit and debt advice and advocacy services